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In 1973, Armand Gallot purchased the Société Parisienne de Plomberie Industrielle, specialized in the installation of lead boilerplate units and reinforced PVC networks, to found a family firm, SBPI (Société Bourguignonne de Plomberie Industrielle).

The first market for SBPI was the chemical industry. As this sector evolved, the firm diversified its activity and specialized in biological protection for the nuclear industry.

In 1976, the company Luchaire called upon our services to restore a composite geothermal network in the Paris region on behalf of Total Geoconfort. When this work was completed, Total asked us to join the Luchaire team for the prefabrication and installation of composite (GRE) networks on the Total ABK drilling platform in the Persian Gulf. SBPI then invested in the development and specification of GRE products for oil companies (Elf, Total) thanks to its involvement in procedures for product certification (corrosion, fire resistance, compliance with international standards), and the procedures for qualification of operators (bonders, laminators).

In 1980, after successful trials of composite networks on a production line, Elf Production decided to launch a rehabilitation campaign replacing steel collection networks with composite materials in its oil fields in Triguères (45) and Soudron (51). As a pioneer in this domain, SBPI installed more than 600 km of pipeline for collection networks, gas networks with high H2S content, and water injection networks, for all major petroleum companies.

With its great experience in the use of composite materials in the petroleum industry, SBPI is now able to use composites in water treatment and fire networks when it comes to replace traditional materials such as steel and cupronickel.

Years of experience in the field of composites have positioned SBPI among the leading service firms in its business in Europe and internationally.

In 2000 SBPI created a holding company, Art Développement, which allowed the creation of a new firm one year later, SBPI Environnement, specialized in engineering, manufacture, and turnkey construction of containment works, air deodorization, and treatment of volatile organic compounds, intended for water treatment and composting plants, as well as all types of industry (surface treatment, chemical industry, agro-food processing, papermills, etc.).

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