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SBPI doesn't stop at just selling, prefabricating, and installing piping. Before each project, we propose advice and studies for the choice of the best product for your requirements, according to applicable specifications and regulations. For each problem encountered, SBPI does its utmost to offer you at least ONE solution.

From the execution of a common project, a long-lasting partnership can be born.

A team of experts and professionals with great experience is at your disposition to propose the best solution to meet your requirements with regards to:

  • the fluid transported
  • the pressure of the fluid
  • the temperature of the fluid
  • the environment

Experts at your service to help you make the right choice

Based for the most part in Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses, our project managers are able to orient you as to the type of materials to use, and to produce technical feasibility studies for your future projects. Our managers can also travel to your operational sites to assist you in the technical implementation of the solution chosen.

Because of our experience and pioneering history in the field of composite materials, our relationships with GRE suppliers throughout the world allow us to systematically be informed of new and diverse products that come on the market.

Our technicians can quickly provide direct, simple, and effective technical assistance in the field in France and abroad.

Why use our consulting services?

  • to obtain technical assistance on your projects
  • to benefit from our expertise
  • to ensure technical monitoring for your projects
  • to obtain a turnkey composite network

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